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Sound Of Goodbye

:name: Lenore
:backwards: eronel
:Does your name mean anything?: who knows
:Were you named after anyone?: my aunt elenore, just dropped the E 

:Nickname(s): a whole lot..mostly lp, lou, and lenny
:Screenname(s): soo many...right now..xbrevex
:Date of birth: aug 25,1988
:Place of birth: queens, new york
:Current location: Campbell Hall
:Religion: i dunno
:Height: 5'
:Shoe size: 7
:Hair color: dark brown
:Eye color: brown
:What do you look like?: i dunno??
:Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: righty
:How old are you mentally?: ahha older than the hills
:What are your best qualities: i can be a good friend i suppose

Do You Have...
:Any sisters: One
:Any brothers:
:Any pets: cat and an iguana
:A disease: no sir

:A pager: Nope
:A personal phone number: my cell
:A leather jacket with studs on it?: nope
:A heroin needle: of course i do
:A pool or hot tub: neither
:A Car: ha, right.

Describe Your...
:Personality: laid back
:Driving: bad.
:Car or one you want: 67 shelby
:Room: orange, a disaster
:School: shit.
:Relationship with your parent(s): good

Do You...
:Believe in yourself?: sometimes
:Believe in love at first sight?: i dunno until it happens
:Consider yourself a good listener: yes.
:Consider yourself a good friend: I suppose so
:Get along with your parents: For the most part
:Save your e-mail or conversations: depends
:Pray: no.
:Believe in reincarnation: never gave it too much thought
:Like to make fun of people: haha yeah
:Like to talk on the phone: yes.
:Like to drive: when im allowed, yeah
:Get motion sickness: nah
:Eat chicken fingers with a fork: haha yes
:Dream in color: sometimes
:Type with your fingers on home row:noppe
:Sleep with a stuffed animal: no but they all sit at the end of my bed
What Was/Is (or Are)...
:Right next to you: my cell phone, and my sisters cup of soda
:your room: is messy.
:On your mouse pad: the road runnerr beeep beep
:Your dream car: i believe this was asked
:Your dream date: all depends on the person
:Your dream honeymoon spot: italy, or somewhere tropical
:Your bedtime: when im damn good and ready
:Under your bed: junk of course
:The single most important question: why
:Your bad time of the day: morning.
:Your worst fear(s): moths, being alone, never finding love
:The time?: 6:15pm
:The date?: Sept.4,2004
:The weirdest food or drink that you like?: yo no se
:The hardest thing about growing up?: finding yourself
:Your funniest experience: there really isnt a funniest, ive just had a whole bunch of funny ones

:Number: 13
:Color: no fav
:Day: friday
:Month: dont have one
:Song: tons
:Movie: lots

:Food: pasta
:Band: too many

:Season: spring/ summer
:Sport: hockey!
:Teacher: Mrs. Mcgorman, Mr. Affeldt, Mr. Mckee
:Drink: diet coke bitches
:Veggie: i do not eat veggies
:TV Show: degrassi, family guy, the o.c..and others
:Radio Station: 92.3
:Animal: all of them
:Flower: calalily.

Love + Relationships...
:Do you have a bf/gf?: no
:Do you have a crush?: yeah....
:How long have you liked him/her?: a while
:Why do you like this person?:
:If you're not single... give details...:
:How long was your longest relationship?: 7 months
:How long was your shortest relationship?: a week
:Who was your first love?: i dont know if id call it love

The Past...
:Last thing you heard: my sister playing vice city
:Last thing you said: i dont remember
:Who is the last person you saw?: my sister
:Who is the last person you kissed?: i dunno
:Who is the last person you hugged?: colleen last night at the football game ahaha
:Who is the last person you fought with?: my sister
:Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: my mom
:What is the last TV show you saw?: i dont rememberrrr

The Present...
:What are you wearing?: tank top, capris
:What are you doing?: this survey
:Who are you talking to?: laur
:What song are you listening to?: head over heals-tears for fears
:Where are you?: living room
:Who are you with?: my sister
:How are you feeling?: really bored, tired,
:Are you in a chatroom?: i hate them

The Future...
:What day is it tomorrow?: sunday
:What are you going to do after this?: who knows
:Who are you going to talk to?: dunno
:Where are you going to go?: out of this house i hope
:How old will you be when you graduate?: 17
:What do you want to be?: i really dont know
:What is one of your dreams?: to make a difference
:Where will you be in 25 years?: i dont know

Have You Ever...
:Drank?: yes
:Smoked?: yeah
:Stole?: of course
:Done anything illegal?: definately
:Wanted to die?: once
:Hit someone?: yeah

:Do you write in cursive or print?: both
:What piercings do you have?: ears, navel
:Do you drive?: no
:Do you have glasses or braces?: contacts

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